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4 Myths About Spray Foam Insulation: Busted!

The U.S. Department of Energy has stated that approximately 56% of the energy used in homes goes toward heating and cooling; given the extreme seasons our country has been facing lately, that makes a heck of a lot of sense. However, all that money and energy spent means nothing if your home isn’t properly insulated.


Although the most well-known form of insulation is the itchy and irritating fiberglass, spray foam insulation — which is a much safer and healthier choice — has risen in popularity in recent years. Because so many people may be unfamiliar with the material, we’re going to be setting the record straight regarding spray foam insulation myths.


Myth: Foam Insulation Shrinks Over Time


Busted: Properly applied and mixed foam insulation retains its shape and definitely does not shrink. This is why experienced contractors are a must; if they’re not wholly sure of what they’re doing and end up poorly mixing the insulation, the material may end up shrinking over time


Myth: Spray Foam Can’t Be Installed In The Winter Months


Busted: Spray foam insulation can be installed in any weather conditions, regardless of the time of year. The only limitation that may arise is if the weather is too severe for workers to be outside, although this is quite rare. Spray foam rigs are also designed to operate in both high heat and frigid temperatures.


Myth: Fiberglass Insulation Is The Better Choice Because It’s Cheaper


Busted: Although spray foam insulation is about two to three times more expensive than fiberglass, you’re investing in a product that possesses a number of other benefits. Traditional insulation needs to be constantly maintained and eventually replaced; spray insulation doesn’t need routine maintenance, and it will never need to be replaced unless it is tampered with. In terms of monthly energy bills, spray foam insulation machines are designed to produce an air seal, which more effectively keeps hot and cold air from leaking. Spray foam insulation products are absolutely a worthwhile investment.


Only by knowing the truth about spray foam can you understand why the insulation is so popular. Now that you’re equipped with the facts, you can decide if the remarkable product is right for your home.

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