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Employee Product Pick of The Week

The AR5252 is our product pick of the week endorsed by our own TJ Peters. He provides the following insight on why it’s the best mixing chamber, and subsequently provides the best experience with the Fusion AP Gun.


The AR5252 Mixing Chamber is the ideal choice for sprayers using the Fusion AP spray foam gun. The part number is AR5252 which represents a Fusion AP Round Chamber with .052 orifices, for preferred output for applicators spraying with the Graco Reactor. Anyone who is spraying with an E-30 Reactor can achieve high output and performance with this chamber.  It is great for residential and commercial insulation, as well as spray foam roofing.


The Fusion AP Gun, 246102 (includes the AR5252 Mixing Chamber) and is the ideal gun choice for spray foam applicators.  Industry veterans and newcomers will all agree that this gun is the most user friendly, plural component gun on the market.  It’s ergonomic design fits perfectly into your hand allowing you to lay down a smooth finish in multiple applications.  The design also allows you to easily service the gun with only a 5/16″ Nutdriver and have large parts which are easy to service and maintain.  This gun has proven itself in the marketplace and stands in our eyes as “The Best Gun on the Market!”


Thanks, TJ! You can find the gun and  parts on our online store at https://temptestbs.wpengine.com/woocommerce-search/keyword/fusion+ap+52%2F52/search-in/product/cat-in/all/search-other/product

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