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High Pressure Equipment


Spray Foam Systems offers a variety of High Pressure Spray Equipment to meet your industry needs. We are a top 20 Graco Distrubtor and offer all high quality products,  spare parts, training and tech support  for your equipment.



Proportioning systems, commonly called reactors, foam machines, foam sprayers, or plural component sprayers are pumps designed to spray two chemicals at an equally proportional ratio. Our Graco Proproportioners vary in output including a powerful 50 pounds per minute.

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Spray Guns

After material flows through the hose, the next stop is the spray foam gun.  The gun is connected to the hose by a coupling block which has material shut-off valves allowing you to disconnect the gun from the hose for cleaning. We offer a variety of Graco Spray guns for every industry.

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Transfer Pumps

In order for the reactor to receive material, transfer pumps or  are installed on the 55 gallon drum, in which the product is stored. The roles of these pumps by Graco and IPM are to bring material out of the drum or tote into the reactor and/or circulate material through the system.  

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Passing through the reactor, the flow of material follows its path into the  hose. We have a variety of heated and unheated hoses to meet your needs.

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Generators provide the power needed to operate spray equipment. Generators come in Diesel and gas powered options and can be mobile or mounted. Some generators come with an air compressor combo that is tailored to the spray industry. Check out dependable brands like Winco, Morse and Stateline.

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The Air Compressor provides air for transfer pumps and air operated Spray Guns and hoses. Air compressors can vary in CFM due to the equipment you need to operate with  Air Dryers. Check out our selection of Rolair and Atlas Copco compressors.

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Air Dryers

Air Dryers remove compressed air from the lines so that quality air is delivered to your equipment. Air dryers ensure that there is no chance of moisture entering the compressed air system. Atlas Copco Air Dryers are easy to install and are low maintenance.

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