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Low Pressure Plural Component Equipment


Spray Foam Systems line of Nitrosys Low-Pressure Spray Foam Equipment includes the Nitrosys Plus, Geo and Refill. Choose from low pressure spray foam equipment that sprays high pressure formulations, skid options for portability or refillable cylinders. For more information please visit www.spraynitrosys.com



Nitrosys low pressure plural component proportioners heat your materials, meters the materials by volume, and maintains the materials’ heat until it is sprayed or injected.

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Spray Guns

Variable Flow Control: Advanced Hi/Lo switch with meterable flow for industry leading application control Handi Foam® II gun or choose from the Spray Foam Systems  metal gun.

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Spray Nozzles

Spray Nozzles provide static mixing for low pressure spray foam guns.

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Transfer Pumps

Nitrosys Plus Transfer Pumps provide consistent feed and pressure designed for high pressure spray formulations with use of the Nitrosys low pressure system. These transfer pumps are for use with Nitrosys Plus and Nitrosys Geo Systems.

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GreenFlare Heated Hoses accurately control chemical temperatures within the hose allowing users to dispense high-quality products.

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Generators provide the power needed to operate spray equipment. Generators can be mobile or mounted. Some generators are gas or diesel powered and some have integrated air compressors.

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The Air Compressor provides air for transfer pumps and air operated Spray Guns and hoses. air compressors can vary in CFM output depending on the equipment you need to operate.

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Air Dryers

Air Dryers remove compressed air from the lines so that quality air is delivered to your equipment. Air dryers ensure that there is no chance of moisture entering the compressed air system. They are easy to install and are low maintenance. Air dryers are available in standard FX and High temperature models.

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