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Graco Fusion PC Gun Benefits

With the release of Graco’s Fusion PC Pro Connect gun this year, you can decrease downtime on jobs, expense on parts and the time it takes to rebuild your gun. This new Graco Fusion PC is great for contractors starting out in spray foam or existing contractors. This gun sprays just like a Fusion AP  that requires less downtime, less parts and less labor, making it the fastest gun to rebuild. With ProConnect technology in the Fusion PC gun, the entire fluid section including the side seals and all associated o-rings are replaced in a single cartridge compared to individual parts. This means you can stock fewer parts and have a perfect rebuild in seconds, with a factory tested replacement cartridge. In addition to the new cartridge, the mixing chamber is coated with chromex to help protect against scratching for a longer life of the part. The gun includes integrated check valves for cross over containment, which prevents cross overs within the gun for further replacement parts. 

Benefits : 

  • A single cartridge replaces the entire fluid section in seconds
  • Built on top of the time-tested Fusion Air Purge platform, the PC gun sprays exactly like a Fusion AP
  • Integrated check valves for cross-over containment
  • 13 parts are replaced by a single ProConnect cartridge
  • Eliminates the need to purchase fluid section o-rings
  • Spare ProConnect cartridges can replace your back-up guns
  • Retrofit Kit available to convert existing Fusion AP guns
  • Entry level sprayers get a more basic understanding of the fluid section of the gun
  • Disposable cartridges reduce downtime and money spent on parts for a faster rebuild and easier gun maintenance 

The Fusion PC gun is now available along with the retrofit kits that adapt to your existing fusion gun. The Retrofit Kit is compatible with all Fusion AP guns and is available in multiple mix chamber sizes. Acquire all the advantages of the revolutionary Fusion ProConnect while utilizing your existing Fusion AP handle and fluid manifold. To purchase the new Fusion PC gun, PC retrofit kit, and cartridges, please visit : www.sprayfoamsys.com/shop/fusionpc Contact us at [email protected] or 877.737.4362 for  ordering and more information.

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