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Graco Reactor Connect

Reactor Connect – Helping Improve Productivity

Reactor Connect is Graco’s latest innovation to help you and your crews be more productive. Access your Reactor right from the gun. Monitor and adjust your proportioner and keep right on spraying. No hassles. That means you can get more done in your day, with less downtime and better yield.

The Reactor Connect app lets you view your fleet and make real time adjustments to your proportioner all from your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What are the benefits of creating a Reactor Connect Account?

All members of the company can see all Reactors that belong to the company. There is no need for each person to scan the QR code of each Reactor to get visibility to each machine. All members of a Company may have some reports automatically emailed to them. The larger the company the more benefit there is to creating a Reactor Connect Company account. With a Company account all managers, supervisions, service technicians, office staff, sprayers, etc. can view all Reactor‟s belonging to a company without personally having to scan the QR code for each Reactor with their phone.

Additional Benefits:

  • Owners/Managers can allow and prevent users from connecting to a Reactor
  • The QR can be reset on the Reactor and company members will not lose visibility to the Reactor
  • Reports will only be available if you have a User account
  • Automatic Daily/Weekly/Monthly emails will be sent to members of a company
  • Coming soon: Ability to run reports from the Reactor Connect website
  • Graco understands who owns the Reactor so contact information is available to provide technical assistance, etc.

Q. How do you assign a Reactor to your Company?

Reactors become visible to Users of a company when any User that belongs to a Company scans the QR of the Reactor using the Reactor Connect app. Once a Reactor is assigned to the company the Reactor now belongs to the company and all other members can view the Reactor data.

Q. Do members of a Company lose visibility to a Reactor if the QR code is reset on the ADM?

No, once a Reactor becomes part of a company, all Users belonging to that Company will maintain visibility to the Reactor even if the QR code on a Reactor is reset

Q. When would I want to reset a Reactor’s QR code?

Resetting a QR code may be useful if an employee is no longer with the company and you want to prevent them from continuing to have control access to the Reactor

Q. How do I get reports automatically emailed to me?

Once a company is created, some reports will automatically be sent to the members of a company without having to manually run the report within the app. Members can choose to opt out of receiving the emailed reports. The reports that will be automatically emailed are the daily, weekly and monthly Summary Report.

Q. What is involved with Creating a Reactor Connect Account?

There are 4 basic steps to creating a Reactor Connect account:

  1. Create a User account
  2. Create a Company
  3. Invite other Users to your Company
  4. Assign Reactors to your Company

Q. Who should create the Company account?

The business owner or manager should decide who will be responsible for creating and managing the account over time. This person(s) will be the company Admin(s). They will create the company and invite and delete users from a company

  • For small companies the Admin will probably be the owner.
  • For larger companies this person may be the owner, a branch manager, or a designated staff member.
  • After the company is set-up the original Admin can also assign other companies members to also have Admin rights.

Additional Questions? Give Us A Call: 877-737-4362

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