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How to Choose Spray Foam Rigs

Spray foam rigs are used to carry work tools, benches, and equipment needed by contractors. Mobile spray foam rigs are on the rise nowadays, as many companies use them to deliver services throughout major cities. Thus, spray foam rigs need to be strong and protective to keep the equipment well-maintained.

For this reason, it is vital to know how to choose the best spray foam rig. This guide helps you learn how to buy or rent an excellent spray foam rig.

Keep Capacity in Mind

Since spray foam rigs are used to carry generators, concrete lifting equipment, pumps, compressors, and other materials, they need to have enough capacity to accommodate the load. The size of the storage area in the truck needs to be big enough to hold all the equipment. This is especially important if you are carrying concrete lifting equipment. Some of the lifting machines are quite large in size, so keep this in mind when evaluating potential rigs.

Be Sure to Insulate

Spray foam rigs are used to insulate materials, but they also need to be insulated themselves. Since you will be carrying spray foam chemicals that are highly reactive, you need to maintain the right temperature range. Use a spray gun to spray the interiors of the rig to maintain the temperature at between 60 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray foam insulation helps the chemical to have a longer lifespan and ensure that machines will not be affected by higher temperatures. It is vital also to insulate concrete lifting rigs.

You should ensure that the spray foam rig has been insulated inside, on the walls, and on the underside. This is especially vital if you live in areas where the roads have been de-iced using salt.

Spray foam is made using isocyanate and polyol resin, which are materials that offer high insulation properties. This is the reason spray foam is the primary chemical used to insulate spray foam rigs.

The spray foam rig interior should be sprayed with a bright white or chrome lining with fluorescent lighting for maximum visibility. If you live in areas that have warmer climates, you need to have an air conditioning system in the rig.

Focus on Trailer Height

Trucks are used to carry spray foam rigs, of course. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a truck featuring a trailer that is high enough to hold the rig in the right position. You’ll need to insert your transfer pumps into the 55-gallon drums of chemical; to do that, you’ll require an adequate trailer height. If you have a low trailer height, you risk facing the challenge of inserting pumps in barrels. A shorter rig height is not a wise option, so evaluate high trailers for this purpose.

Consider Your Machines

Before settling for a spray foam rig, you need to consider the machines that you mostly use in your line of work. Ask yourself about the types of jobs that you are planning to bid on in the industry. Examples of jobs include commercial, residential, roofing, or new construction services.

The service that you provide determines the machines you use, which will decide the type of rig that you choose. If your line of work wants you to use concrete lifting equipment, you need to rent or buy a spray foam rig that can hold all your equipment. Don’t pick out a rig without considering your pertinent applications first.

Evaluate Eco-Friendliness

Having an eco-friendly spray foam rig is also an important consideration. A rig that does not release huge amounts of emissions can help your business achieve greater sustainability. In today’s world, the onus is on individual businesses to make eco-friendly decisions to preserve the planet and to appeal to consumers. As a result, the rig you choose should have a low weight to lower its carbon footprint.

Have Special Space for Concrete Lifting Equipment

Most contractors will make it a habit to carry concrete lifting equipment. This is because most clients prefer using concrete for construction. Concrete has a high thermal mass that leads to thermal stability. It even saves on energy, as an added bonus.

The combined yearly energy cost of all the industrial and commercial buildings in the United States is approximately $400 billion. This shows that concrete will help to save on energy costs. Make sure you have space to accommodate this equipment if the job should call for it.

Choosing a spray foam rig is crucial. Use this guide to learn tips to help you choose the right spray foam rig.

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