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How to Maintain Your Spray Foam Systems Rig

The Energy Star Program estimates that homeowners can save up to 20% on their monthly energy bills if air leaks are properly sealed and insulation is installed. With information like this, contractors can expect to be busy servicing homes for all those customers looking to save money on their heating and cooling costs. Spray foam insulation is an efficient insulation choice because it’s easy to install and maintain and is an effective energy solution.

A spray foam systems rig is quite an investment, but one that contractors will find to be worthwhile. However, this expensive piece of equipment requires a certain amount of care and maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. Let’s review three habits that contractors using spray foam rigs should fall into to keep their equipment working smoothly.

Warm It Up

A spray foam systems rig isn’t the kind of equipment you can expect to turn on and use right away. These rigs require generators to create the energy necessary to power to spray foam chemicals through the nozzles, tubing, and chambers that make up a spray foam rig. Just like starting a car for a few minutes before you drive it in the winter allows a car’s engine to heat up, warming up a rig before use allows the machine to work at its peak performance without damaging any of its inner workings or making work progress slowly.

Maintain the Hoses

No contractor is going to take the time to disassemble their spray foam systems rig every night for storage. That’s the whole point of having a trailer, to keep the system stored safely and made accessible for the next working day. But, it’s important to make sure the hoses of the spray rig don’t freeze if left out in cold temperatures overnight. Any chemicals caught up in the hoses can freeze if not wrapped or stored in a heated trailer at the end of a work day, and those frozen chemicals not only keep a spray rig from working correctly- frozen hoses can cause damage to the entire piece of equipment.

Keep it Clean

It’s vital to keep that spray foam rig clean so that it works correctly and becomes a worthwhile investment for contractors. Take the time to wipe out the nozzle at the end of the day to ensure no foam builds up and causes problems in the middle of a job. Keep the trailer swept clean so no tripping hazards are present, and also take the time to check for fluid or chemical leaks coming from the spray foam system.

A spray foam systems rig is a valuable investment for contractors, but don’t let that valuable investment go to waste. Invest in the correct care to keep your rig working smoothly, and ensure any problems that spring up are taken care of immediately. Expensive equipment is only as valuable as its functionality, so take the time to make sure that rig is clean, warmed up, and ready for use at the start of a work day.

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