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How to Properly Level a Concrete Floor

Broken or worn-down concrete is unsightly and potentially dangerous. If your home or business has a cracked or uneven concrete floor, it ruins your appearance and creates a tripping hazard for anyone who walks along its surface. Fortunately, you don’t have to resort to completely replacing your concrete to regain your smooth and safe flooring. Professional concrete lifting services can restore your floors to their former glory. Learn how to properly level a concrete floor with this rundown of how the process works.

Prepare Your Floor

As with any construction or repair project, the first step for leveling a concrete floor is to prepare the surface. First, contractors clear the area of dirt and debris so they have a clean surface. Once the concrete is ready, professionals will drill small holes into the sunken slab. This creates areas to inject the concrete leveling foam.

Inject the Leveling Foam

After drilling these holes, concrete lifting technicians use concrete slab lifting equipment to inject a high-density polyurethane foam into the foundation of the concrete. As the foam expands, it fills any gaps or imperfections beneath the concrete. This levels and stabilizes the concrete as it lifts, creating an even surface. The polyurethane foam will also stabilize weak spots in the soil, providing a strong and long-lasting foundation for the concrete.

Patch and Wait

Once the foam has time to completely lift and stabilize the concrete, the contractor will fill each hole with grout to seal the injection site. This prevents any debris from getting into the concrete and causing cracks or other problems. Additionally, the small size of the holes means the injection site is barely visible by the time the project is done.

With a curing time of just 15 minutes, polyurethane foam works quickly to make your concrete floor look like new. The floor can see traffic from people and vehicles almost as soon as the contractors are done working. This efficient process means you can get back to enjoying your durable concrete floor as quickly as possible.

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