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The Spray Foam Systems ProPak 200 Series of Spray Foam Rigs are a great rig for the professional insulator looking to start off in the spray foam business. The SFS Rig is also a great addition to an existing Spray Foam Contractor.  The E-20 Reactor is a powerful machine capable of spraying up to 20 lbs. per minute of material.  The Winco Generator, powered by a Briggs and Straton engine, delivers a powerful load center with enough power and then some.  The Rolair compressor provides a dependable air source with enough CFM to run the system and a mixer, allowing you to spray Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation.  The Fusion AP spray foam gun by Graco is the choice of the industry and provides a reliable, easily maintainable and rebuildable SPF gun.

FEATURES:                                                                                                   MODELS: 

– Industry Leading Components – Graco E-20 Reactor                       PP200S  – Shore Powered  200 

– Turn Key Generator Powered Unit                                                       PP200G – Gas Powered 200

Open and Closed Cell Spray Foam                                     PP200SL –  Slider Series Gas Powered 200

Fresh  Air and Safety Systems                                                               PP200D –    Diesel Powered 200 Overhead Layout – PP200G                                         

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Our ProPAK 200 Rig is designed for the Residential and Commercial Insulator.

Equipment Components

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