Fireshell F10E Thermal Barrier 5 Gallon Pail, Flat Charcoal Black


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Fireshell F10E Thermal Barrier 5 Gallon Pail, Flat Charcoal Black

FireShell® F10E is a water-based, single-component, non-flammable, intumescent, interior coating designed to expand in the event of a fire to provide a protective layer of char that could starve fire of oxygen and prevent flame contact with protected surfaces. It is a non-toxic, drain-safe and non-fuming product.

FireShell® F10E complies with building code requirements for use as an alternative thermal barrier coating system over most SPF insulation systems as per ICC-ES ESR 3997 available at or FireShell® F10E has low-viscosity for ease of application and can be top coated with latex paint per ESR 3997 approvals. Consult your TPR2 representative for details.

Applications for FireShell® F10E include:
• Walls, Attics, Crawl Spaces
• Open cell SPF insulation
• Closed cell SPF insulation
• FRP Panel Systems

FireShell® F10E has passed a multitude of combustion and fire safety tests and carries many building code, industrial, and environmental approvals including:
• Meets IBC 803.1.2.1 for interior surfaces
• Meets IBC 2603.9 over SPF
• Meets IRC R316.6 over SPF
• Meets IRC R302.9.4 for interior surfaces
• E84 Class ‘A’ rated
• LEED Certified Green Product
• Meets EPA Low-VOC Standard
• FM 4975 Listed Fire-Retardant Paint Over Combustible Surfaces

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