Nitrosys Plus Transfer Pump 785005


Nitrosys Plus Transfer Pumps are 2:1 ratio pumps  used with the Nitrosys Plus and Geo Systems.


Nitrosys Plus Transfer Pumps

Nitrosys 2:1 Transfer Pumps  provide consistent feed and pressure designed for high pressure spray formulations. These pumps are for use with the Nitrosys Plus and Geo Systems. Pumps are installed in 55 gal drums or  250 gal totes. The Plus Transfer pumps provide consistent feed of material out of the drum or tote into the reactor and/or circulate material through the system785005

Manufacturer Part Number: 785005

Manufacturer Part Number: 785005

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions .1337 × .1337 × .1337 in


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