ProPAK XP-h 50 Epoxy, Urethane & Protective Coatings Mobile Spray Rig


ProPAK XP-h 50 Epoxy, Urethane & Protective Coatings Mobile Spray Rig

Backed by Graco’s powerful  XP-H 50 Plural Component High Solids Sprayer the ProPAK XP-h50…
Can be easily configured from a 1:1 to  4:1 by changing pump lowers, Spray Epoxies, Polyureas, Polyurethanes, & Protective Coatings up to 6,000 psi.


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 ProPAK XP-h 50 Key System Components:

 XP-h Hydraulic Sprayer w/GH™ Power Pack Accessory

 Built with patented XP ratio technology, the Graco XP-h Hydraulic Plural-Component Sprayer is ideal for truck, palletized, trailer or flatbed systems that have on-board hydraulic power*. It is well-suited for OEM traffic marking applications. The system’s hydraulic motor has been optimized and rated to match the pressure capabilities of the NXT 6500 air motor used on Graco XP50 and XP70 sprayers. The XP is now more versatile than ever for contractors wishing to take advantage of the convenience and efficiency of a gas-powered hydraulic system.  Hydraulic systems are energy efficient and provide very smooth changeovers on the XP resulting in well balanced pressures and the smoothest possible spray pattern.  

 Winco Big Dog 18kW Gas Generator

 This Winco Industrial Portable Generator, WL18000VE, 18,000 Maximum watts, 489 lbs. In order to earn the WINCO designation “Big Dog” a generator has to meet two criteria.  First it has to be among the most durable and dependable generators in the market and secondly it has to produce big power. The WL18000VE passes both tests effortlessly. At 62.5 continuous amps this generator is at home with demanding loads. It has proven itself in the field in spray foam, agricultural, and roofing applications. A durable Vanguard 31 HP engine with a reliable inherently regulated brushless generator end allows this generator to withstand harsh environments where other generators fail. The most important proof of the quality of this generator is in your application. Put the WL18000VE to work in your business and watch the hour meter turn.

 Rolair 9 HP Gas Compressor

 As the big brother to the 7722HK30, model 8422HK30 is the largest portable two stage unit available on the market, delivering 19.2 CFM at 100 PSI. This model incorporates the popular 9 HP Honda engine with automatic idle-down, for increased fuel efficiency, and an atmospheric unloading system to prevent oil consumption. Battle tested contractor tough? There’s only one way to find out. Get it dirty, run it hot and don’t let up – just like a contractor. That’s how they’re used, so that’s how they’re tested. Engines, pumps, motors, switches – every component of every ROLAIR compressor is battle-tested both in the field and at our Wisconsin factory. You have our guarantee that your ROLAIR compressor is ready to roll on day one, no excuses. 

Fresh Breathing Air

 Allegro Ambient Air Pump A750 features a 3/4 HP electric motor and the capacity to drive 2 masks or 1 hood. Simple to use, this compressor is intended to move clean air though a hose to your breathing zone. Place the unit outside the work area (clean air), attach the hose (50 ft. or 100 ft.), and plug in the quick-connect for you mask or hood. That’s it, you’re ready to work! 

 Trailer PAK

  • 8.5 x 16 V-Nose 10,400 GVWR
  • (1) Side Door
  • (2) Barn Door
  • 24” Stone Guard
  • Electric Brakes
  • Spare Tire
  • AC/Heat

ProPAK Slider Series

  • XPh 50 2:1 Cart w/7.5 Hoppers,
  • XTR5 Gun
  • 6′ Whip
  • 31′ Xtreme Duty Hose
  • GH Hydraulic Power Pak
  • 50′ Heated Hose
  • Electric Heated Hose Controller
  • Pressure Monitor Kit
  • Fluid Temp Sensor
  • Manifold Carriage
  • (2) A&B High Flow Heaters Non-Haz
  • (2) Heater Mounting Kit
  • Solvent Pump Kit
  • Hydraulic Solenoid
  • (2) Monark 5:1 Drum Pump Kit
  • Dual Drum Circulation Kit w/return Tubes/Desiccant
  • Agitator Kit
  • Xtreem 220 cc Lower
  • Xtreme 72 cc Lower

Interior Package:

  • Closed Cell Insulated Walls & Ceiling Diamond Plate Floors, Gloss White Plywood Walls, White Ceiling, Trim Out, E-Track Barrel Bracing, Work Bench w/ Vise Mounted), Spray Hose Rack, Fresh Air Hose Rack

ProPak Plumbing Package:

  • Air Lines – Push-Lok Hose, Quick Connects – Transfer Pumps, Mixer, Supply – Mositure Filters with Drain – Regulator Dashboard

ProPak Electrical Service:

  • Workbench Outlet, 4′ Light, Outlets, 1500W Wall Heater, Outside 120V Shore Power Plug, Prewire Equipment

ProPak Tool and Safety Kit:

  • (1) SDS Book (1) Non-Sparking Bung Wrench,(1) Set Adjustable Wrench, (1) Set Channel Locks, (1) 12 Pack Nitrile Dipped Gloves, (1) 25 Pack Hood & Boot Suits, (2) 3M Respirators w/ Cartridges, (2) Advanz Goggles, (1) Fireblock & Window & Door Gun Foam, (1) Pro Dispenser Gun, (1) Eye Wash Station, (1) Fire Extinguisher,(1) Desiccant Dryer, (1) Can Mold Release (1) Can DK-817 (1)1 Gallon DPM


  • Winco: 18kW Portable 120/240V Generator

Compressed Air

  • Rolair 9 HP Compressor w/Honda Engine

Fresh Breathing Air

  • Allegro Double Worker Fresh Air System – 2 Full Face Mask -200′ Breathing Air Hose



Manufacturer Part Number: xp-h50

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Weight.1337 lbs
Dimensions.1337 × .1337 × .1337 in
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