SFS ProPAK 200SL (Slider Gas Powered) Spray Foam Systems Rig – SPF Concrete Lifting Equipment Trailer – Graco E-20 Reactor


**Spray Foam Systems Mobile Spray Foam Rig Graco E-20 **Spray Foam Systems very popular ProPak Series Spray Foam Rig with the addition of the Slider Option.

**Setup in an 8×16 V-Nose Tag Along Trailer There is plenty of room to carry up to three sets of foam and enough space to store ladders and scaffolding. The standard work bench stores all of your safety equipment. Backed by the powerful Graco E-20 Reactor, this rig allows you up to 20 lbs per minute of material output and up to 210’ of hose length. This rig is setup to spray open and closed cell spray foams. Stand Alone Unit Powered by an 18,000 Watt Gasoline Generator and Twin Tank Rolair 9HP Gasoline Compressor. Air System includes Graco T1 Transfer Pumps and Atlas Copco Air Dryer.  The ProPak 200SL takes the ProPak 200 to an all new level of simplicity. With the equipment room and easy to use slider feature, it makes getting started quicker and easier than ever before.

**ProPAK 200SL Series: *8.5×16 V-Nose Tag Along Trailer: 10,400# GVWR *(1) Side Door *(2) Rear Barn doors *ATP Rock Guard *LED Lights *Electric Brakes *Spare Tire *A/C & Heat

**ProPAK 200S: *Reactor E-20 *210′ Powerlock Heated Hose *GX-7 Gun *Graco T1 Transfer Pumps *3/4″ Transfer Lines *SS Recirculation Lines

**GX-7 Clamp, w/ 500 Injection Ports for Concrete Lifting

**Slider Series for Gas Generator and Compressor

**Winco WL18000VE 18kW Gas Generator

**Atlas Copco: FX2 Refrigerated Air Dryer

**Rolair: Rolair 9 HP Compressor w/Honda Engine

**(2) Day Equipment and Spray Foam Training at SFS Facility

ProPAK Interior Package:

  • Closed Cell Insulated Walls & Ceiling Diamond Plate Floors, Gloss White Plywood Walls, White Ceiling, Trim Out, E-Track Barrel Bracing, Work Bench w/ Vise Mounted), Spray Hose Rack
  • ProPAK Plumbing Package: Air Lines – Push-Lok Hose, Quick Connects – Transfer Pumps,  Supply – Moisture Filters with Drain – Regulator Dashboard
  • ProPak Electrical Service: Workbench Outlet, 4′ Light, Outlets, Outside 120V Shore Power Plug, Prewire Equipment
  • ProPak Tool and Safety Kit: Non-Sparking Bung Wrench, Adjustable Wrench, Channel Locks, 5/16 Nut Driver, Nitrile Dipped Gloves, [25] SFS Suits, 3M Respirators w/ Cartridges, Advanz Goggles, Fireblock & Window & Door Can Foam, Pro Dispenser Gun, Eye Wash Station, Fire Extinguisher

Spare Parts Kit For GX-7 Gun
(1) Mix Module,(1) Tip (1) 296834 – R-Screen Kit (1) 296833 – A-Screen Kit (2) 295868 – O-Ring (1) 296796 – PCD Body (1) 296978 – Front Packing 5 Pack (1) 296828 – Rear Packing Retainer
(1) 296829 – Rear Seal Packing 5 Pack (1) 16K136 – Valving Rod



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