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The ProPAK 200 Slider: Supreme Operability

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The ProPAK 200 is your turn-key solution to your spray foam business! The ProPAK 200 features the Graco® Reactor 2 E-30, or also known as, the EXP-2, which allows up to 30 lbs per minute output and advanced control technology for efficient and optimal spraying. This system also contains the easy to maintain Graco Fusion AP Gun. This system can be designed to fit in a box truck or a trailer for easy transportation, with spray foam insulated walls and floors. What makes the Slider series so special is that it boasts it’s ability to keep heat and exhaust out of the rig, thanks to the slide out generator and compressor. With this ProPAK 200 Slider, every project will be set up for success!

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