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Renting Versus Buying Your Spray Foam Systems Rig

A spray foam systems rig is one useful piece of machinery for anyone doing contract insulation work for a home or small business. However, when your business relies on such a crucial piece of machinery, you can’t help but wonder if renting or buying would suit your needs best. Continue reading to learn more about the pros versus the cons of renting and buying your spray foam systems rig for your HVAC contracted services.

The cost

Renting may seem cheaper at first, but over time, the cost will accumulate and eventually burden you. And your wallet. It’s best to bite the bullet and invest in a quality spray foam systems rig that’s yours forever from the get go. Buying a used rig, is another option if you wish to go a more budget friendly route.

However, if you are conducting a smaller and short termed project, renting is the perfect solution. It’s less of an obligation and commitment and can help you complete the job efficiently.

Comparing quality

You can’t track the rig’s complete history unless you buy brand new, so keep this in mind.

Renting a rig from an unreputable company has one main disadvantage. Though it can come in handy for a short term job, you usually have no idea who used the rig before you. Or who used it before them. When you purchase your own rig from a trusted retailer, on the other hand, you are guaranteed quality service and assistance if something does happen to go wrong.

Having a trusted retailer in your corner beats renting from strangers everytime

If you are in the business of spray foam insulation, you’ll no doubt require more than just a rig to get the job done.

Spray foam insulation equipment like a spray foam gun also comes in handy when dealing with a major project. Buying or renting from a trusted expert in the field ensures that you’ll always know where to go when you need tools or guidance.

Some final words on renting versus buying a spray foam insulation rig

According to the Department of Energy, 56% of the total energy used in homes is from heating and cooling sources. Therefore it’s important to keep that energy within the home, making the work done by HVAC contractors across the country necessary for families everywhere.

Quality equipment matters.

And the difference between renting from an unreputable dealer and buying your own device is quite clear. If you want to save more money in the long run and invest in yourself as an HVAC or spray foam contractor, purchasing your own equipment is the best thing you can do. Though renting may have its advantages initially, this completely depends on the length of your project and who you choose to rent from.

Bottomline, the best thing you can do for your project is to work with a trusted spray foam retailer, whether you choose to rent or buy.

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