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Custom Built Spray Rigs

Whether you are spraying foam insulation, lifting concrete, or spraying protective coatings, use our rig constructor where you choose the options that you need for your rig, and where we provide the information so all of your questions are answered.


First, let's figure out what you want to spray with your rig. Select everything that you want to spray


What size trailer or portable system do you plan to use to build your spray system?


What types of customers would you like to spray for? Do you only want residential customers, or do you want only industrial customers? If you want all types of business, select them all


Its very important to keep your chemicals stored as close to 70°F as possible. What is the climate like in your area?


The more material you can carry, the more you can spray while going between job sites. How many sets would you like to carry?


What Type of Proportioner are you looking for?


Choose your desired gun type based on application and operator ease of use.


Hose length is going to determine how far you can spray away from your rig. For most residential applications, you won't need the longer hoses, however for commercial, and industrial uses, you may want to consider a longer hose


Powering your rig is important, you want to make sure your rig has power where every you go


Choose the best air compressor source for your operation.