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Spray Foam Equipment Maintenance Tips

The need for building insulation is undeniable. Although combined annual energy costs of all industrial and commercial buildings in the U.S. amounts to $400 billion, prioritizing proper insulation can reduce unnecessary energy waste and associated costs. Of course, spray foam insulation has become one of the most popular installation methods in recent years. But if you want to keep your spray foam insulation equipment running smoothly, you’ll need to show it a bit of TLC. Here are some essential maintenance tips to ensure you won’t ever be held back by a lack of upkeep.

  • Clean Equipment Daily: One of the most important spray foam equipment maintenance tips to perform is taking the time to clean your tools after each day of use. Your spray foam gun should be lubricated correctly to avoid clogs and ensure smooth operation, as well as wiped down after every use. You should also take care to drain the receiver tank on your air compressor on a daily basis. Make certain that your truck or rig is clean and that any spills are wiped up promptly. Although not all equipment parts will need to be thoroughly cleaned each day, the major components of your operation should be addressed to avoid material build-up and other issues later on. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, though there are special cleaners and solvents that are typically safe to use.
  • Inspect Components: Before starting up your generator, you should check the oil and coolant levels. Open the return valves on your equipment each morning so that your transfer pumps can properly cycle materials through thee system; this can allow you to assess whether your transfer pumps are working correctly. If your air compressor is gasoline powered, you should make it a point t check your engine oil and fuel levels every day. In general, you’ll want to pay close attention to any operational changes in your spray foam equipment, especially the spray foam gun, and make an assessment as to whether your daily cleaning routine is doing enough. If you notice any potential needs for repairs, seek them out as soon as possible.
  • Perform Tasks Bi-Weekly: In addition to daily cleanings and inspections, there are some tasks you’ll need to perform every other week. You’ll want to clean the y-strainers in your machine, change the fluid in your proportioning pump, strip down your spray foam gun for a deep clean, replace any damaged components (like hose covers, O-rings, and others), lubricate your drum pumps, and wash the exterior of your rig or truck at least once every two weeks. Some components will need to be cleaned or replaced as needed — but if you follow the first two tips, you’ll have a better handle on when those tasks should be performed. Not only will this allow the application of insulation to go smoothly, but it will also ensure you make a fantastic first impression on the customer.

If you run a spray foam business, you’ll understand the need for superior equipment. By keeping these maintenance tips in mind, you’ll be able to safeguard your investment and ensure your organization is successful. To learn more about how our superior equipment can help you achieve your goals, please contact us today.

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