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Spray Foam Insulation Machines

Guide To Spray Foam Machines

SFS is happy to help guide you in what spray foam insulation machine considerations to make when  looking for a new spray foam machine. Spray foam insulation machines are typically referred to as proportioners or Reactors ™. A spray foam portioner has man manufacturers and one brand made by Graco, is referred to as the spray foam Reactor™. These plural component proportioner systems are available in high pressure systems such as the Reactor ™ or low pressure systems such as the Nitrosys. 

Electric, Hydraulic or Air-Powered?

To consider what spray foam machine is best for you, you first want to consider what type of pump system you would like to choose from, electric, hydraulic or air driven system. Electic spray foam machines are going to require a large power source as compared to air driven and hydraulic spray foam machines and typically have a less complicated setup for maintenance compared to a hydraulic spray foam machine. A hydraulic spray foam machine is ideal for medium to out output applications and requires more complicated maintenance when compared with a electric spray foam machine. An air driven spray foam machine is going to require a larger air source than hydraulic and electric, but requires much less power and is also great entry level spray foam machine.

Output, Heaters, Pressure and Power

A second consideration in selecting a spray foam machine is the amount of output the spray foam machine is capable of. Usually output is determined by pounds per minute, which is the amount of mixed chemical that is delivered to spray with in a minute time frame. The more pounds per minute in a spray foam machine, is going to deliver a higher output. Depending on the industry and job sizes you plan to take on, you want to consider output as a main selection once you have chosen a electric, hydraulic or air powered spray foam machine.

A third consideration to be made in selecting a spray foam machine is heater size.  Spray Foam machines have different heating capabilities that effects the type of material to be sprayed. The proportioner has different size heaters that affect the viscoty of the product being sprayed and you want to select the correct heater size for your materials and your region.

A fourth consideration in selecting a spray foam machine is the pressure rating. Pressure ratings will vary by chemical manufacture for what the settings need to be set at. The spray foam machine pressure rating gives you the level of pressure the spray foam machine will process of mixing materials.

Lastly, when considering purchasing a spray foam machine, you want to check what power source your machine will require. Spray foam machines can use shore power or a generator. When chosing a generator, you want to consult with your provider on the size generator needed for the spray foam machine you choose. In spray foam rig configurations, you can choose power sources that operate with shore power and a generator.

Reach out to a SFS rep for more information on spray foam insulation  machines and spray foam rigs at 877.737.4362

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