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Spray Foam Rig Maintenance

Spray Foam Rig Maintenance is too important to forego, and will save you time and money instead of having to have entire systems or equipment repaired or rebuilt. Doing regular Spray Foam Rig maintenance on your systems equipment should become a regular part of any job, and if done properly and regularly, will always be beneficial.

Key to Spray foam Rig Maintenance is your power source. Before every job, it is important to check the oil and fuel levels in your generator and air compressor. Make sure they are at the proper and appropriate levels, and refill or balance as necessary. Also before every job, make sure to check all the filters on your compressor, and replace as necessary. After so many jobs or hours, check and maintain your generators drain water separator, hoses and clamps, fans, filters, air intake, and oil.


Taking care of your spray gun is a bit more tedious, but will always work out for the betterment of your jobs and business. After every job, it’s important to remove any excess chemical from within the gun to prevent buildup and clogging. It’s a good idea to breakdown the gun every now and then and soak all the pieces in dynasolv, removing any debris and cleaning the parts. When reassembling the gun, make sure to grease all the O-rings to prevent them from breaking down faster.

With these small maintenance procedures, you should not need any outside repair work on your systems, and will make for a smooth job experience every time saving you time and money . Always refer to your equipment manuals supplied with your mobile spray rig. See an Example Schedule Below:

Engine: Daily: Check Fuel, Oil levels
50 Hours: Drain Water separator 250 Hours: Change oil, Clean Air filter, Check Fan, Check Radiator Hoses and Clamps, Check air Intake 500 Hours: See Manual


Daily: Check oil levels Clean air/oil external radiator Clean cooler filter Clean air Filter 1000 Hours: See Manual

Air Dryer

Daily: Check auto drain is discharging Monthly:
Clean debris from ambient air filter and clean with soap and water. Allow to dry before reinstalling Yearly:
Replace separator Filter Element

Graco Reactor 2
Daily: Check Pump Lubrication level. Refill as needed with Graco TSL Weekly: Grease Circulation Valves with Fusion Grease Blow electrical cabinet vent holes and cabinet clean of debris

Fusion Spray Gun

Daily: Grease gun with Fusion Grease, Drill Mixing Chamber and Check Valve Screens As Needed:

Clean Mixing Chamber Nozzle by engaging piston safety lock. Use correct size drill to clean nozzle. Use s?ff bristle brush
to clean air cap. Clean fluid Manifold, Impingement parts and/or Passages

Fresh Air System
500 Hours:
Replace Inline outlet filter
Replace Inlet filter

Daily: Check for color change from blue to pink and replace as necessary.




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