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Starting A Spray Foam Business

Whether you are looking to add to your existing business or wanting to start your own spray foam business, there are many things to consider to help you make the best decision on how to set your business up to be successful. 


First, you need to look at your surrounding market to make sure that the services you plan to offer are going to be a benefit to your area and consider your potential competitors.  One will need to see which market they are wanting to get into; residential, commercial or retro-fit (existing buildings). After choosing your market, you will want to know what type of spray foam services you offer. Do you plan to offer open and closed cell spray foam solutions? After you choose your spray foam solutions, you will need to choose the chemical manufacture of the product you plan to offer. Pricing for what you plan to charge customers is not a standard price and varies all over. The above considerations will help determine where you need to be at to make your business profitable and successful. 


Once you have decided on the market and solutions you plan to offer, you will need to find the equipment that will best suit your needs. An equipment supplier and rig builder can help you select the equipment and configuration that is going to be suitable for your projected business. Options range from starter setups to advanced custom options based on your market and projected projects. 


Creating a business plan with overhead for equipment, maintenance, payroll  and supplies is ideal to project where your pricing needs to be for your projected business. Marketing efforts also need to be considered in your business plan. Spray Foam Systems can also help navigate you through what is needed during the course of your training for the chosen equipment. For more information to help get into the business, please contact us at or 877.7374362.

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