Supplied Air Systems

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Supplied Air Systems

Spray Foam Insulation is a growing trend in the home improvement industry. Many spray foam projects fall under the retrofit application (existing building) where it is not an open structure or space that you are spraying. For these types of applications, applicators are required to have a supplied air system. A supplied air system is also called and airline system and provides air to the sprayer through a airline and attaches into their face mask. Supplied air is usually a machine that that regulates fresh air that is sometimes air conditioned through an airline hose into a mask.

These systems usually provide up to 200/300 ft of airline hose and supply Grade D ambient fresh or ambient air conditioned air. Not only does supplied air provide fresh air intake for installers for their safety and health, but can eliminate the possibility of heat stroke and dehydration. Supplied air systems can attach into most face mask respirators, air hoods, or helmet style respirators. OSHA requires that all air lines, fittings and mask must be the same manufacturer. By not using required PPE, applicators are exposed to isocyanates in the foam that can create sensitization, Asthma, lung damage and respiratory issues.  Supplied air systems that supply conditioned air seem to have a great effect on increasing productivity and comfortability of applicators. The Bullard Ice pump is available in a stand alone unit or packages with varying CFM and hose length. Another popular choice is the Tennessee Chill Box and Allegro ambient air systems. View these choices and more at our online store at

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