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Concrete Lifting Systems


Polyurethane foam is the best choice in slab lifting and void filing due to its ability to go in as a liquid and fill any areas that are compacted or have been eroded by water beneath the concrete surface without much disruption to the environment and concrete itself. This method uses structural lifting foams that are resistant to water to prevent more damage to the area. Once the foam has filled the areas, it begins to expand and will stabilize and lift concrete in those areas. Other Methods do not last as long as Polyurethane foam and can cause disruption to the exterior area and leave a mess. The customer benefits aesthetically from concrete lifting applications, as the small hole is typically ⅝” diameter. Concrete Lifting foams vary from 2-5 pounds based on residential, commercial or flow projects that are more for filling voids. Concrete foams weigh less than replacing concrete or mud jacking which means there is a lesser chance of concrete resettling. Choose the best way to lift concrete With one of the best systems.

Package Systems


Nitrosys Geo

Entry-level low pressure concrete lifting system designed for residential contractors and industry beginners. This innovative patent pending system utilizes high pressure foam formulations in a low pressure system. This systems provides contractors and installers a portable or skid mounted option for geotechnical applications.

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Portable Systems


ProPAK Portable

Designed for professional and commercial contractors as a portable turnkey solution for hard to reach places. ProPak Portable is a shore powered spray high pressure mobile rig. The Graco Reactor 2 E-30 or EXP2 that provides advanced control technology for concrete and slab lifting.

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Mobile System


ProPAK 200 Mobile Spray Rig

This turn key system is designed for residential and commercial contractors. This mobile system is available in diesel or gas power, shore power or the slide model. There is plenty of room to carry up to three sets of foam and enough space to store ladders and scaffolding. Backed by the powerful Graco E-20 Reactor, this rig allows you up to 20 lbs per minute of material output and up to 210’ of hose length.

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