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Technology and Spray Foam

Technology is great. Everyday we see new things created, built, and brought to life that allow us to accomplish things we would never have imagined possible. Smartphones, tablets, the whole inter-connectivity of the internet, social media… all of this technology has affected our lives. Some people hate it. Other people embrace it.

The spray foam industry is also being affected by technology. Some of the best equipment ever is out on the market today and sometimes we sit back and ask ourselves, “Can this really get any better?” Graco keeps pushing the limit everyday with some of the greatest spray foam equipment on the market. Some people hate it. Other people embrace it.

I would say that Graco is doing a very good job with the equipment that they are offering today. The two newest gamechangers on the market are the new Reactor 2 Series of spray foam proportioners and the new Graco InSite, remote reporting technology. Yes. All of these new Reactors have electronics on them. InSite IS an electronic. Some members of the “old school” generation of spray foamers never really liked the “electronics” that are built into new systems today, but some of these people began to embrace this technology and the results for people who are embracing could not be better.

Reactor 2 tracks all of your job site data. Everything you do is recorded for you in an online cloud database that can be accessed at anytime with Graco InSite. The updated modules and hardware in the system are so robust that Graco offers a 2 year warranty on these electronics. All of these awesome news features are because of technology.

Technology is really helping us in the Spray Foam Industry. Major advancements are being made that increase production, decrease downtime, and most importantly , allow us to process high quality products in the field. It’s exciting to see the tools we have today, but it’s even more exciting to think of what might come next…

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