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The Polyurea Popularity.

The Polyurea Popularity

Compared to other protective coatings, Polyurea has become the most requested products in the coatings industry. Polyurea is a two-component high performance polymer coating. Polyurea is rapid curing from liquid to plastic coating that is flexible, waterproof and able to resist chemical submersion.

The types of polyurea are slow aliphatic pure polyurea, fast aromatic pure polyurea and fast hyrbrid polyurea/polyurethane. Slow aliphatic pure
polyurea does not require heat and can be applied by airless sprayers, brushes or rollers. Slow aliphatic is typically used in tanks, pools and roofs with a choice of gloss finishes that serve as  a topcoat for other polyurea applications while providing UV Stability . Fast aromatic pure polurea is used in industrial applications and does not provide UV stability. The poly hybrids are largely used for waterproofing lower abused areas.

The Industrial waterproofing business has utilized polyurea as their coatings in many different areas such as reservoirs, water treatment facilities and manholes. Polyurea makes an easy case for the waterproofing industry as its leader due to its product properties to resist abrasion, corrosion and chemical exposure. Water treatment facilities have found that polyurea not only can resist the chemical, abrasion and corrosion that it faces daily, but the downtime for a facility is less than other coatings. Another added benefit of polyurea is that it can be applied in a variety of temperatures.  The fast curing polyurea provides a fast turn around on jobsites. In most cases, water treatment facilities have to be able to constantly operate  and some coatings can require lengthy downtimes for the jobsite. By applying polyurea to a water treatment facility, a tank can be primed and sprayed within hours and able to fill the tank back the same day. With the fast curing process and characteristics to resist chemicals, erosion and abrasion, its easy to see why the water treatment facilities and potable water industries choose polyurea for their protective coating. Polyurea in some cases does not require a primer which can be an added benefit.

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