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The Risks on Living in a Sinking Home: What Contractors Should Warn Families About

It’s a nightmare that should keep homeowners up at night. It’s not only a threat to their home but also their families: a sinking home. If you are a contractor working with a family or single homeowner, let them know that they need to act now.

Foundation issues can happen to anyone. However, they are mostly associated with happening to older homes. If you suspect that a client may be having this issue, continue reading to learn about the risks involved with a sinking home and what you can do to solve this issue quickly and effectively.

First off, let the family know of the risks involved if they choose to neglect the issue. Here’s what to watch out for.

Small Wall Cracks

Small cracks in the walls are typically signs of a much larger concern. These cracks are unsightly and can also grow over time. The best course of action you can take is examining the larger picture. Ask the owner if they’ve noticed any other symptoms of a faulty foundation. Though some spackle and a fresh coat of paint can rid you of the physical cracks, the following risks associated with a sinking foundation are much more serious.

Lost Money

Having a sinking foundation requires quick action. If they don’t act soon, they may have to pay out of pocket for a foundation replacement. Most home insurance policies will not cover the cost unless the homeowner meets a specific set of circumstances. To avoid exorbitant costs, it’s essential to be proactive.

Home Loss

Homeowners can, in fact, risk losing the home entirely if they don’t take steps to fix their sinking foundation. The windows can get permanently jammed, and the basement will be rendered unusable. This can also depreciate the value of the home significantly, making it harder to put back on the market.

Life Endangerment

Homeowners can also be at risk when these foundation issues go unaddressed. They are at risk of falls and trips from the lifted concrete. Depending on the age of the homeowner, this can be detrimental.

The solutions: from slab lifting to spray foam insulation

Slab lifting

Slab lifting is an effective way of solving this sinking home dilemma. Slab lifting or concrete lifting is a process that involves drilling underneath the lifted slabs of concrete and injecting a grout or spray foam insulation to fill up the gaps causing the ground to crumble below. Emphasize to the family that it is a quicker and easier process compared to undoing the damage of an irreparable sunken foundation.

Foundation supports

The homeowner has another option aside from using spray foam chemicals. Let the homeowner know that foundation supports are another way of lifting the home back up.

Whether you are an independent contractor or a homeowner, it’s advisable to be aware of the risks of neglecting a sinking home. Through there are easy ways to repairing the issue, they are only effective when the problem is caught in its early stages. If you wait too long, this can result in permanent harm to the home along with the people who live there.

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