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Tips To Winterize Your Spray Rig

Cold temperatures can often result in problems in the spray foam industry such as longer startup times, lower yielding foam, adhesion problems, and many more. The following tips will help you make sure proper foam is being applied and your equipment is ready for the lower temperatures.

Keep in mind that most chemical manufacturers recommend you store your chemical between 60-80 degrees, so investing in a heater for your spray foam materials would be key for the extremely cold environments (powerblankets and band heaters) This will help minimize your start up time and increase the yield of your material. Also, making sure your ig is equipped with a proper recirculation system can speed up warm up times. All of these items and systems can be ordered directly from our Online Store at sprayfoamsys.com/store.

Having a climate controlled spray foam rig is another key for being efficient in cold weather months. Our ProPAK Mobile Spray Rigs are completely climate controlled with closed cell insulation in the walls and ceilings. They also come equipped with wall heaters. If you are in a more extreme environment you may want to add ArcticPAK to your spray rig and insulate the floors.  It is very important to keep your spray foam rig plugged up during the night and heaters running. This will keep everything in your rig warmer (can foams, grease, spray foam, etc). Keeping the other materials in your rig can save you from downtime as well. For an example, cold can foam can affect the yield and application times of air sealing.

If possible, keep your spray foam rig indoors. This will help your rig from becoming extremely cold and being exposed to the elements. Keep your spray foam drums off the floor of the rig if possible. Use some sort of barrier on the floor of the trailer and drums so the drums do not absorb the cold floor temperature.

Take care of your hose! Leaving your hose exposed to the elements can cause chemical to freeze inside them. Clean and wrap hoses at the end of day and store them in your climate controlled spray foam rig. Also, when you are spraying in cold weather you can lay down batting insulation under the hoses to keep them from being directly on the cold ground. We also offer a radiant heat Velcro wrap that can be installed over your hose that will help to keep the hose warm.

If you decide to store your spray foam rig in the winter months make sure to follow the proper procedures. First you will want to flush your entire system out with typically around 5-10 gallons of DOP. Flush hose until it runs clear on A side then re-circulate with clean material for thirty minutes. Shut the proportioner down and keep the DOP in the A-side hoses until you use the machine again. You can order DOP for your spray foam rig directly at : http://temptestbs.wpengine.com/store/sfs-dop-plasticizer-pump-lube-for-spray-foam-equipment-tsl-throat-seal-liquid.html?___SID=U
Spraying foam when it is cold outside can be a challenge, but by following the procedures listed above you should decrease downtime, increase yield and production, eliminate cold weather issues, and increase profits! If you have any suggestions on how to become more efficient in the winter, please comment below, email us directly at [email protected], or share on social media with #SprayFoamTips.

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