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What To Expect If You Want To Become A Certified Spray Foam Insulator

Spray foam insulation has become the go-to solution for high heating bills: since adding insulation and sealing air leaks can reduce energy bills by 20% — and since spray insulation does both of those in an extremely efficient manner — it’s really no surprise that the nation is exploring the uses and benefits of spray foam. As a booming industry, the spray foam business is a worthwhile venture. However, you can’t simply find a foam insulation machine for sale and think the money will start rolling your way; owning a spray foam rig is unquestionably necessary, but you need to have the accompanying knowledge in order to use it.


Lucky for you, there’s a certification program offered by the spray polyurethane foam association (SPFA)! Depending on which certificate you’re interested in (there are four), you’ll need to demonstrate a mastery of the knowledge, skills, and abilities — referred to as KSAs in the guidelines — for the level you’re going for as well as the KSAs in lower levels. Let’s take a look at each of the four levels.


  • SPF Assistant:As the title suggests, this position assists those in the higher levels with equipment and job set-up, handling and staging, moving of hoses or ladders, clean-up, etc. Basically, you’ll have a basic understanding of all aspects and will be helping out wherever needed.
  • SPF Installer: Similar to an apprentice level, SPR Installers will have some experience in the industry but not enough to work on their own. The duties may include spraying SPF in different applications as well as equipment set-up, start-up, and shut down, but everything will be supervised by a Master Installer.
  • SPF Master Installer (Advanced Level): Masters have extensive experience in a wide variety of spray foam applications. They’ve passed a field examination, and participate in all aspects of spray foam installation (and also usually understand equipment function and repair).
  • SPF Project Manager: The manager’s role requires extensive understanding of the KSAs involved in the lower levels. Their duties include managing every part of the project, as well as contributing knowledge in building science and design, material selection, and codes of compliance.


What are you waiting for; go find that foam insulation machine for sale and get started!

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