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Why You May Want To Buy Your Own Spray Foam Rig Kit

Air filtration and insulation figures more into the overall energy efficiency of a building than you might think. During the summer, when cool air escapes a building, its system has to go into overdrive to maintain the residents’ desired temperature. The reverse is true for buildings that need to be kept warm during the winter. With that being said, it’s all too easy for there to be gaps in insulation, or for insulation to simply not be as effective as it could be. When it comes to spray foam insulation, this often comes down to the spray foam equipment use, including the spray foam systems rig. Often, those who are applying spray insulation fail to realize how vital the proper use of a spray foam systems rig is to the overall performance of the insulation itself. Below, we’ll look into the importance of properly applying spray insulation, as well as how a spray foam equipment like a spray foam equipment rig figures into this application process. Furthermore, we’ll explore whether or not building a rig based off a kit is right for you.

What Happens When Spray Foam Is Improperly Applied?
There are consequences to improperly applied insulation. We rely on insulation to regulate our temperature. Without properly maintained air quality, residents are often uncomfortable and end up spending money that they shouldn’t have to. It’s estimated that residential humidity levels should ideally be kept between 30% and 55% indoors, which can be difficult to maintain when your insulation has been applied incorrectly. People naturally respond to being too hot or too cold, which means that they’ll in turn raise the air conditioning or heat levels in their home to compensate. In a sort of domino effect, this means that the home will use more energy than necessary. In fact, it’s believed that about 40% of a home’s energy loss is due to poor air filtration. Of course, insulation itself is not the only thing that affects a home’s energy efficiency. But is an element that can be controlled, depending on who is installing your insulation.

What Are Spray Foam Rigs And How Do They Affect Your Insulation Quality?
Technically, a spray foam rig can either be bought or built. Essentially, this product is the means through which you’ll apply your spray insulation. With that being said, the spray foam kits you use or don’t use can affect the overall quality of the rig and how well it applies to your project. If you’re only going to insulate your own home, for example, you don’t really need a rig that is equipped for commercial purposes. You’ll want to carefully inspect the components of different kits before deciding if they’re right for your needs, with size being a major concern. If you do go down the route of building your own rig, you’ll also want to be careful about how you’re building it as well. Any mistakes you make will affect the performance of your rig, and the quality of the insulation is applies. If your spray foam rig isn’t at its very best, you’re not going to have the degree of insulation that you want.

What Should I Consider Before Buying A Spray Foam Rig Kit?
Before investing in a spray foam systems rig kit, you’ll want to make sure that building a spray foam rig is something that you’re actually capable of doing. Don’t jump into buying a kit without doing your research first. But you shouldn’t back down from building a kit if it’s what you think is right for your situation, either. It could be a great way of having control over the way your insulation is applied and offering this service on a commercial level. Ask about whether or not the rig has components like a high temperature air dryer, as well as shock-absorbing pads or a hose hatch. Finally, always make sure that spray foam systems rig equipment like this is warrantied before you buy it.

If you’ve determined that a spray foam rig kit is right for your needs, we’re here to help ensure your equipment is top-notch. For more information, please contact us today.

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