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3 Tools HVAC Contractors Need To Repair Or Replace Before Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and that means your HVAC business will soon be called upon by your customers and clients for HVAC system maintenance, repairs, and installations. But you need to have your own maintenance and repairs done, too, to keep up with this upcoming busy season.

You can’t do anything for your HVAC company if you don’t have the tools required to meet your customers’ needs. That said, here are a few tools you’ll want to have repaired or replaced before fall arrives so you can handle anything your customers throw at you this season.

  1. Your spray foam insulation rig. Insulation services are a big part of HVAC services. If they’re not a part of yours, you may want to consider making them one. A house with poor insulation is likely to be hot in the summer and cold during the winter. Your clients may not be aware of a draft or insulation problem until cooler weather arrives. You can be prepared for these calls for insulation by ensuring your spray foam machine is working great and is ready for action.
  2. Your cordless drill. No HVAC contractor is complete without a cordless drill. This essential HVAC tool provides portability, power, and versatility to the contractors who need it most. If your drill hasn’t been working recently or has reached the end of its life, it’s time to invest in a new one before fall arrives. You also want to keep two batteries on hand to ensure your drill lasts all day without needing a charge.
  3. Your screwdrivers. A spray foam insulation rig isn’t the only kind of insulation you need. With fall just around the corner, it may be a good idea to replace your old screwdriver with one that has an insulated handle. Screwdrivers with insulated handles can accommodate different screws and bolts used in a variety of HVAC systems. And the insulated handle ensures you’re not at risk for electrical shock.

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