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Maintaining Residential and Commercial Energy Usage With Spray Foam Insulation

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Whether you’re in charge of keeping a residential or commercial property safe, secure, and energy-efficient, there is one aspect that you must not ignore: insulation. Without proper insulation in any sized structure, you’ll end up spending a significant amount of money on energy usage in addition to jeopardizing the overall quality of the air inside the building.

According to the Department of Energy, roughly 56% of the energy produced inside homes across the U.S. is specifically for heating and cooling purposes. As far as commercial energy usage, the combined yearly energy costs of all the industrial and commercial buildings across the country is worth approximately $400 billion.

Insulation ensures that all that energy is being utilized efficiently and properly. Without insulation, all that necessary heat and cooling will seamlessly flow right out of the structure, causing all sorts of problems within a business or home. Imagine a winter without proper insulation inside the office — everyone will be freezing because the heat cannot stay contained within the commercial building. Similarly, a residential property without quality insulation during the summer will feel like a hot box. Insulation is key for air quality and comfort.

You can’t just use any kind of insulation, however, although something is better than nothing. But spray foam insulation is a terrific option for smalltime residential insulation purposes and large-scale industrial insulation jobs.

Though spray foam insulation is great for securing a home or business, it needs to be handled either by professionals or extremely carefully. Spray foam chemicals can be dangerous if not handled properly, so make sure you’re either hiring skilled professionals to install the insulation or are wearing proper safety equipment. You can find your own spray foam machine to utilize for residential and commercial use as well.

Additionally, spray foam machine costs can vary but make sure that you’re purchasing a high-quality product. Spray foam machine costs are well worth it if they work great, especially over longterm because you’ll end up saving a significant amount of money by having proper insulation.

If you want to learn more about spray foam machine costs or find quality spray foam equipment for sale, give Spray Foam Systems a call right away.

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