Nitrosys GreenFlare 50 ft. Heated Hose 781003


The NITROSYS GreenFlare Heated Hose 50 ft section for use with Nitrosys System.


*These sections come in 50 feet and are available to a max of 210 feet for your Nitrosys system.

Product Description

The NITROSYS GreenFlare Heated Hoses are designed specifically to operate with the NITROSYS spray foam system. These high-quality heated hoses allow users to accurately control chemical temperatures within the hose and includes air assist lines for high pressure spray formulations.


GreenFlare technology utilizes 120V power allowing users to operate virtually anywhere due to convenience of power supply.


GreenFlare Heated Hoses are designed to endure the harsh conditions encountered in spray foam applications.


GreenFlare Heated Hoses accurately control chemcal temperatures within the hose allowing users to dispense high-quality products.781003

Manufacturer Part Number: 781003

Manufacturer Part Number: 781003

Additional information

Weight.1337 lbs
Dimensions.1337 × .1337 × .1337 in


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