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Protecting Your Company Equipment With Spray Foam Insulation

When running a successful company, after keeping your customers and your employees happy, one of your main priorities should be keeping your business and all the equipment within it safe, secure, and working properly. Protecting your equipment involves more than preventing theft and physical damage from occurring; you have to ensure that you’re administering proper maintenance, regularly getting each item inspected, and focusing on keeping each item at the correct temperature.

Whether you’re in charge of an industrial building with heavy machinery and tools spread throughout the vicinity or a small business with dozens of computers in an enclosed space, you need to make sure that the humidity levels inside your structure are adequate. Too high of a humidity level within your company can not only make it uncomfortable for you and all your employees, but it will potentially place all your equipment in jeopardy.

So how can you keep temperature and humidity levels under control, thus reducing downtime and equipment costs?

That’s where spray foam insulation comes in. Proper insulation can help keep your humidity levels, as well as your building’s air quality, exactly where it needs to be in order to keep your equipment functioning properly. If you aren’t using quality spray foam insulation within your building, or refraining from utilizing insulation at all, not only will your equipment malfunction, you’ll end up spending a significant amount more on energy expenses.

Back in 2016, the total consumption of energy across the United States was roughly 97.4 quadrillion (roughly equal to 1,000 trillion) BTUs. Without quality spray insulation, all that energy consumption usage would cost far more than it already does. In fact, if all commercial building’s energy efficiency was improved by as little as 10%, it would save the U.S. economy up to $40 billion per year. The proper insulation can help your business take the necessary steps toward that very achievable goal of 10% energy efficiency improvements.

Keep in mind, however, that it’s recommended to work with experienced insulation professionals when dealing with spray foam. This material requires special spray foam training, which most people never receive. The spray foam chemicals found in insulation can be harmful if not handled or installed properly — so make sure you’re working with a team of skilled professionals.

If you want to learn more about spray insulation for your company, spray foam training, or to find quality spray foam insulation equipment rentals, give Spray Foam Systems a call today.

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