Polyurea is a two-component high performance polymer coating. Polyurea is rapid curing from liquid to plastic coating that is flexible, waterproof and able to resist chemical submersion. When using a spray applied polyurea, sometimes the polyurea may be applied directly to the substrate and in other cases may require a primer. Top Coats may be required or optional after applying polyurea. Polyurea is usued largely in industrial applications and with its fast curing time the return to service time decreases. Polyurea is used as protection in chemical and abrasive environments, water and wastewater applications, flooring, roofing, decking, marine coatings, and transportation coatings. Find the best packages and mobile systems below to help you excel in the Polyurea Industry!

Package Systems

Nitrosys Plus

Entry-level low pressure spray foam system designed for residential contractors and industry beginners. This innovative patent pending system utilizes high pressure foam formulations in a low pressure system. This system provides contractors and installers ease of use and safer working conditions.

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ProPAK Portable

Designed for professional and commercial contractors as a portable turnkey solution for hard to reach places. ProPak Portable is a shore powered spray high pressure mobile rig. The Graco Reactor 2 EXP2 that provides advanced control technology for polyurea applications.

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Mobile System

ProPAK XD3 Elite Mobile Spray Rig

Become Elite! The ProPak XD3 Elite sets itself apart from all other spray rigs with the all new Graco Reactor 2 E-XP2. With the Advanced Display Module and Graco Insite, as well as data control management upgrades, the ProPAK XD# Elite defines a new standard of mobile spray rig technology for concrete lifting pros.

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